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A Dialer provides the connection between the internet or a network of computers and an analog telephone. In this era of telemarketing, many business problems have increased, yet there is the urgent and unavoidable need to improve customer care to sell to customers with automated systems to increase personal productivity and most important of all to control costs (one way to do this is to employ fewer live agents to handle routine calls)

Choose what you need

  • Auto Dialling
    A system that automatically dials from a list of telephone numbers then plays a pre-recorded message.
  • Click-to-Call
    It is based on CRM system, integrating a click-to-call feature with your CRM will allow your sales agents to just click on the phone number in your CRM to make an outbound call.
  • Preview Dialer
    It is also known as screen dialling, cursor dialling, power dialling. Like the click-to-call option, preview dialers also allow agents to review all of the prospect's information so they can prepare for the conversation before the call.
  • Progressive Dialer
    The system makes sure that at least one agent is free to take the call hence comparatively less productive
  • Power Dialer
    This is often a company's first step into automated dialling. Power dialers will automatically make an outbound call when an agent becomes available
  • Predictive Dialer
    It is the time factor which gives one technology an edge over the other. With ordinary manual dialling the average productive time per hour is just 15 to 20 minutes, while power dialling gives an average of 23 to 30 minutes.


  • Multi-campaign dialling
  • Improved user interface
  • Blended call dispositions
  • Real-time stats and expanded reporting
  • Other Feature that we can provided

    • Upload CSV lists
    • Schedule call times
    • View service call thresholds.
    • Complete reports on person/voice-mail and duration
    • Route calls based on whether person or voice-mail answered
    • Pause active campaigns
    • User friendly interface of Dialer
    • Ability to create reminders while call prospecting
    • Ability to start the call from any contact instead of from the beginning by selecting the radio button next to the contact row.
    • Ability to skip a specific contact while dialling
    • Ability to send sms message larger than 160 characters.
    • Ability to use email/sms template from contact detail as well as while call prospecting.
    • Ability to create custom list from the main list by filtering with various criteria
    • New functionality added to create and manage SMS and email template with name personalization. The templates can be used in "Call Prospecting Mode" to send personalized SMS or email with pre-created messages.
    • Ability to Pause after each call with Stop and Resume button
    • Ability to run the dialer in auto dial mode
    • Ability to run the dialer in call prospecting mode to update contact, set reminder, add notes immediately after the call before resuming to the next contact.
    • Manage Custom List including deleting custom list
    • Ability to do bulk update and bulk delete
    • Ability to start dialer from where it left off or from a specific contact
    • Ability to search by first or last name and run the dialer on search result
    • Ability to integrate with IVR, ACD, Voice Logger, CRM etc.


No Wasted Calls

The bane of call centres across every industry is wasting time. Uninterested parties, empty households or busy signals don't benefit the business at all. YSS dialer is designed to make sure that call center agents are on the phone at the right time with the right people. Unanswered calls, busy numbers, disconnected lines, and automated answering services are all discarded before ever reaching the agents' ears. This means less wasted calls and more happy customers.

Easier Lead Management

Most of the dialers incorporate lead management software into their platforms. YSS Dialer can filter out “do not call” and “blacklisted” numbers, and process your call lists efficiently. It is also capable of organizing lead data, sales information, customer history and call back information, which can be provided to agents automatically, easy and fast, by storing them in a CRM system. Complex adaptive algorithms use this data to obtain a high percentage of successful leads. 3.3 More Productive Agents With less need to manage lists of telephone numbers, call centre managers can focus on helping out their agents improve their customer interaction skills and coach the team members to deliver a pleasant customer experience. Moreover, YSS uses complex adaptive algorithms to determine precisely when to place calls, considering when agents will finish current calls and redialling the next as soon as they are finished. This ensures that call centre agents are on the phone engaging customers as much as possible. In other words, agents will not have to spend time waiting for someone to pick up the phone. Combine that with not having to wade through unavailable numbers to reach a live customer, and each agent can easily save up to three minutes per call or even more. This can lead at least to a five percent improvement in idle rate per agent.

Agent morale

This is a very important call centre issue, whether inbound, outbound, sales or debt collection. Despite popular thought, often a dialer improves agent morale. This is because it helps agents become more successful. Most sales agents are paid per commission; an auto dialer simply increases commission earnings. Furthermore, the dialer strips away repetitive tasks such as dialling phone numbers, manual made calls and listening to endless ringing tones. Most agents wouldn't reverse back to a non-dialer environment once they have worked with one.

Keeping data fresh

Data is normally uploaded to a dialer manually or by an automatic process, usually a database synchronization. YSS allows uploading in multiple formats and has a powerful API that lets you queue calls to be processed in seconds. The data generally needs to be called very quickly, especially when it consists of sales leads. The power dialer is able to work its way through the data at a very fast pace, ensuring that the leads are kept warm. Furthermore, the dialer automates the process of recycling voice mails, busy numbers and calls not answered. The dialer ensures that a large percentage of leads are followed up very quickly and professionally in a short range of time, increasing the lead sale conversion rate substantially. YSS is able to run multiple campaigns in parallel, each ow which has a different priority, in order to maximize channel and agent occupation.

Increased Sales

All of the above benefits lead to this: increased sales for you. With smarter calls, efficient agents, and receptive customers, call centres can see sales double or more with the use of a dialer. With substantial call utilization rates and low abandonment rates, revenues can soar. Return on investment from this effectiv e technology comes quickly, and profit soon thereafter. It’s not just the increased quantity of calls that makes this difference, it’s the increased quality. The combined interaction of call analytics and agent efficiency allows predictive dialing software to enhance the call centre experience in every facet.

Municipalities and Local Governments

  • Municipal services information
  • Schedule inspections
  • Pay property tax
  • Pay traffic violation tickets
  • Pay for parking meters
  • Dial-out and reminder services
  • Employee communications
  • Schedule interview appointments
  • Personnel record auditing and tracking
  • Payroll inquiries
  • Crisis communications: disasters, closings due to weather.

Other Benefits

Deliver high cost savings Provide improved process control Allow efficient use of resources Allow achieving maximized productivity

Application of Dialers


Send a pre-recorded message to a set of receivers. The message can be easily personalized by having your PBX read custom variables, e.g. current account balances, planned service outages, end of current subscription periods. Works with your existing PBX. Automated warning systems (e.g school alerts) Event cancellations Number verification services


Send a pre-recorded message to a list of contacts, and offer them an option to be put in contact with an operator if interested. When required, a maximum call duration can be enforced. Appointment reminders and cancellations for physicians, dentists, etc. Track subscription expirations and process renewals Product offerings Debt tracking and collection

Voice conferencing

Ever tried setting up a conference call with many attendants? Yss Dialer can connect them all in parallel at the click of a button - no more wasted time and manually dialling busy numbers. Connect tens or hundreds of parties at once Different parties can have different access levels, e.g some may speak and some may only listen

Automated phone interviews

Connect to a set of receivers and offer them a set of IVR options. WombatDialer keeps track of selected options and forwards them to your tracking system. Automated service satisfaction interviews Quality Assessment of your services Instant automated polling stations

Other Application

1.Enterprises who make lot of continuous outbound calls.
2.Welcome call campaigns
3.Fund raising campaigns
4.Customer service calls
5.Appointment confirmation
6.Sporting event notifications
7.Customer service call-backs
8.Quality assurance follow-up
9.Election campaigns
10.Marketing survey campaigns
11.Community alert campaigns
12.Account collections campaigns
13.Home Improvement
14.Debt Collection
16.Mass notifications
17.Market Research
18.Political Campaigns
21.Community Alerts

Dailer Products

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