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ACD(Automatic Call Distribution )


The ACD system utilizes a rule based routing strategy, based on a set of instructions that dictates how inbound calls are handled and directed. These rules are often simply based on guiding a caller to any agent as fast as possible, but commonly multiple variables are added, all with the end goal of finding out why the customer is calling. Matching and routing literally thousands of calls to the correct agent is a difficult task, and is often done in concert with Interactive Voice Response System. An ACD system is designed to minimize the amount of time that an incoming caller waits to be connected to a departmental representative, and to minimize the amount of time that a departmental representative waits to be connected to an incoming caller


  • Route calls to remote agents
  • Intelligent skill based call routing
  • Prioritized call routing
  • DNIS assignment of agent groups
  • GUI interface
  • Unlimited number of agent groups
  • Alarms for callers in queue
  • Call-back support
  • Customizable agent screens


  • Intelligent customer service
    Boost customer service and agent productivity by routing calls based upon which inbound line a call is received, what line has the longest idle and the time of day the call is received. Users can also provide select customers with a special incoming line to call.
  • Real-time desktop interface display
    Real-time display provides a simulated wall-board. It instantly provides supervisors with both queue threshold and agent information on their PCs. Supervisors and authorized agents can use the agent desktop GUI to text message important information to agents or groups. Instant information improves agent performance and reduces training time without increasing business costs.
  • Valuable information at your fingertips
    Agents and supervisors can retrieve statistical information from the ACD by simply pressing a telephone button. When queued callers or caller hold times exceed a pre-determined threshold, the system automatically sends alerts to agents' and supervisors' telephone displays. Additionally, the wide range of user-defined reports provided by the ACD can be scheduled or printed on demand in graph or text format.
  • Enhanced efficiency
    ACD can be configured to enable callers waiting in queue to dial another extension, ACD Group, or voice mail box during message playback. Callers presented with customized choices tend to be more satisfied with the level of service received.

ACD Products

iCallMate ( Dialer +ACD)