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Call Centre Solutions


Improve Customer Relation and Loyalty, increase customer Lifetime value. When you're differentiating your customer experience, every interaction matters. Each individual engagement with your company and your people contributes to a consumer's impression of your business. Your customer experience is the sum of all interactions customers have with your brand. Customer experience is critical to customer lifetime value, impacting your customer spend, retention, loyalty, advocacy and, ultimately, new customer acquisition costs. YSS can help you achieve consistency and increased satisfaction across all touch points . Better monitor and measure customer experience data and feedback. Improve customer acquisition and retention. Increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. No matter the needs of your contact centre, we have the solutions to move your business forward. We serve all sizes of contact centres including small, medium, and enterprise inbound, outbound, and blended call centres and call centres in a variety of industries including Financial, Health-care, and BPOs.

Our Call Centre Solution Includes

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Auto Dialer
  • Call Back system
  • Voice logger
  • CRM
  • Lead Tracker
  • Performance Tracker
  • This set of tools helps call centres manage customer relationships from beginning to end, optimize agent schedules, analyse detailed reports to improve call centre efficiencies, survey customers, remain TCPA compliant, integrate with leading CRM's, and improve their overall customer satisfaction.


  • Exceed customer expectations and build loyalty.
    YSS Call Centre Solutions allows your call centre to take a highly personalized, all-in-one approach to customer care. An approach that lets you better anticipate and exceed customer expectations.
    • Give customers their choice of contact options i.e, voice, email, fax and chat, as well as SMS, business objects, and social media.
    • Connect customers with knowledgeable agents faster.
    • Develop and manage creative outbound campaigns to build your brand and customer loyalty and open new revenue streams.
    • Improve agent performance
    • Elevate service levels and customer satisfaction with real-time monitoring and full-time operational visibility.
  • Improve operational performance and achieve better customer service.
    YSS Call Centre Solutions gives you best interaction processes and customer service best practices. Access a full range of capabilities to deliver an excellent customer experience.
    • ACD/multichannel routing
    • Reporting and analytic
    • IVR and self service automation
    • Knowledge management
    • Quality monitoring and reporting
    • Workforce management (WFM)
    • Strategic planning
    • Quality Management
    • Performance Management
    • Real-time speech analytic
    • Outbound dialling
    • Multichannel recording
    • Customer satisfaction surveys
    • Unified communications
    • Business process automation
    • CTI Integration
    • Operator Attendant Consoles
    • Desktop and Process Analytic
    • Speech Analytic
    • Text Analytic
    • Enterprise Feedback Management
    • Fraud Prevention and Identity Authentication