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Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to the practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage, record and evaluate customer interactions in order to drive sales growth by deepening and enriching relationships with their customer bases.

YSS CRM Module

  • Marketing-
    Record enquiry sources, social media linking, blog publishing
  • Sales force diaries-
    Plan and record visits
  • Sales force trip planning-
    Use widely including with Google Maps to plot locations
  • Web content management-
    Control web publishing and store content in multiple languages
  • Customer services/support-
    Manage incident tickets, call escalation and threading
  • Membership tracking-
    Create reminders and alerts and store membership documents
  • Contract renewals-
    Create reminders and alerts and store contract documents
  • Maintenance planning-
    Create reminders and alerts
  • Professional time recording-
    Record estimated and actual time
  • Project management-
    Control project status, % complete and estimated time to completion
  • Product development-
    Track stages and trigger authorizations
  • Credit control-
    Create reminders and alerts
  • Supplier management-
    Record non-conformance and create alerts
  • Customer complaints-
    Record customer complaints and store customer correspondence
  • Purchase order control-
    Set limits and trigger authorizations