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Featured Products

YSS has been designing and developing products that can be customized to your needs. YSS prides itself on the ability to deliver their customers quality products at cost-effective prices. YSS is a conservative, long-term thinking company that is one of the founders of the voice processing industry.

IVR Products

Swagatam IVR for Hotel
Insight Campus IVR
CMS(Complaint Management System) (IVR+SMS)
VPN Testing IVR (Line testing IVR)
Kissan Helpline IVR
Jawan Life Line IVR (Pay and Account IVR System For Army)
Aids Helpline IVR
Logistics Management IVR System (IVR+SMS+Web based user interface)
Rectification IVR(Complaint & Feedback),
Payment Reminder IVR,
Bill Enquiry IVR,
IVR for Indian Railway- (PNR Enquiry, Reservation Available Enquiry,Complaint Booking)
Global Directory System IVR
IVR For Dairy Industries (Asset management, Employee management, Salary management, attendance     management)
Visitor authentication IVR,
Doctor on call IVR
Verification IVR,
Promotional IVR
Result announcement IVR
Order booking IVR,
Delivery tracking IVR
Grievance IVR
Society manager IVR

iSmart SMS Gateway

Emergency Response System
Enterprise Alert System(IVR+SMS+web Portal)
Promotional Activity
Payment Reminder
Order Confirmation

Data Management System

RMS (Recruitment Management system)
School Management System


Call back
Auto call

ACD (Automatic Call Distributor)

iCallMate (Dialer+ACD)