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iSmart SMS Gateway

The iSmart SMS Gateway is a device which can send a volume of SMS and deliver these SMS to many mobile phones, either at the same time, or over a period of time.


These days, you can find a lot of organization prefer for SMS marketing in order to boost their sales! Well, this may push you hard to go for this unique marketing strategy and to boost the sales for your business. If this is what you are thinking now, then ensure that huge benefits are there for you in the future! It’s the business world; you will surely face cut-throat competition. So, this is always important for you to get extra edge on your competitors and to achieve this you should consider going for the SMS gateway service. This has been considered as one of the most promising aspect related to SMS marketing and has not become so familiar to the marketers till now. For just any business, driving in more customers is always important and when you find success in doing this, you will surely like to go for the bigger objectives such as higher profits and sales. In order to accomplish this task, now you can purchase YSS-iSmart SMS gateway so that your business message can be send to the potential and existing customers in a hassle free manner.

SMS Gateway Features

  • Intelligent Message Sending
  • Receiving & forwarding Messages
  • Message Replies
  • Message Templates
  • Message Delivery Status
  • Schedule Delivery
  • Address-book
  • Group Messaging
  • Message History
  • Integrated Printing
  • Integrated Microsoft Excel Support
  • Remote User Interface
  • Multi-user architecture
  • Integration with other applications
  • YSS-iSmart SMS Gateway can send text messages to lots of mobile numbers at the same time.
  • YSS-iSmart SMS Gateway can send unlimited text messages from PC to mobile phones.
  • Import of Address book from text files.
  • Single click SMS delivery to hundred's of numbers.
  • Unlimited SenderID's (6 Characters on Approval)
  • SMS Scheduling (Sending SMS at a designated time)
  • on-line Address Book
  • on-line Group Management
  • SMS Delivery notification
  • All India Coverage including Private GSM (Airtel, Vodafone, Orange, Idea, BPL, Aircel, Spice, Reliance Telecom), BSNL+MTNL GSM & Reliance IndiaMobile CDMA (Mobile & Fixed Wireless Phones - FWP) & Tata Indicom CDMA (Mobile & Fixed Wireless Phones - FWP).
  • Connect using Web based System.
  • Set Your Company Name as the Sender ID.


  • Fast and Effective
    SMS Marketing allows you to reach a large number of people all at the same time. YSS iSmart SMS Gateway is an instant marketing tool, getting your message into the hands of the right audience, when you want it. Customers keep their mobile phones on hand , making it easy to communicate your message to them.
  • Cost Effective
    SMS Marketing is an inexpensive method of communication in comparison to traditional marketing. It will help your business to tighten your budgeting belts.
  • Integrate into your Marketing Campaigns
    A major benefit of SMS Marketing is the potential it has when you integrate it into any of your marketing campaigns. It is known that social media and traditional media are not always the most effective way to reach your customers on time, simply integrate SMS with these other marketing methods and get the message straight to your customers, ensuring that they know what you have to offer them
  • Straight to the point
    With only 160 characteristics allowed when sending a text message this ensures that your message is clear and concise. Getting straight to the point is important , telling customers exactly what you want them to know and making it an easy read will benefit both the customer and your business.
  • Time management
    Everybody knows that ‘Time is Money , with YSS iSmart SMS Gateway you will save a lot of time, allowing you to concentrate on other areas of the business . It is a simple and easy process. With the scheduling component of SMS you can simply organise your SMS marketing campaigns for a later date. This is a huge benefit as it allows you to manage your time efficiently
  • Confidential and Secure
    An SMS gateway ensures full security of data, so there’s no chance of uploading valuable data to a third party service provider or on-line aggregation.
  • Flexible and Efficient
    YSS iSmart SMS Gateway has an open API enabling our developers to incorporate the gateway features into your own systems.
  • Rapid and Reliable
    You can send SMS straight from your desktop within seconds through an advanced campaign management software! This means that you can meet prospective or existing customers' expectations by replying to their message in a timely manner